Company foodsolution
CEO Name Kim Tae-Wan
Telephone +82-62-430-3545
Address #B09, #B10, Faculty Building, 50, Dongmun-daero, Buk-gu, Gwangju
Selling Category [K_150405000000] Other Food by Type
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Company Introduction
Food Solution aspires to suggest the right food solution to everyone who desires to live a
happy life through healthy life. Going on a diet and working out alone are not enough to
maintain a healthy body. As a health food brand, Food Solution will present you the most
reliable products.

Healthy Force Natural Food is a kind of natural food using special fermented liquid which
contains organic fermented lizard tail herb() liquid and Organic fermented Saururus
Chinese(߲) liquid, and other ingredients. It is usually for diet and improving body system.
And lots of functions as well. Also, vivizyme is a kind of fermented enzyme liquid tea which is
used 3 kinds of herbs(, ߲, ?) you can see in our catalogue.